Should I tell him I pregnant with his child?

Every child deserves a father.

Well, while you might want to remain independent and bringup the child yourself, you have to consider their emotions and their future. A decision that can take a lot of psychological energy from an unprepared mother.

Good news: It’s doable.

Bad news: You’re going to have to sacrifice a lot more than just your emotions.

There are so many reasons why a woman would keep such life changing information to herself. It could have been an abusive relationship, a cheating man or simply love gone bad.

Still, there are a few things you must put into consideration if you want to consider yourself good at parenting and one of the major questions you have to answer is, will you tell him about the baby? A child is a responsibility that goes beyond, material needs. Emotional and psychological support need also be put to consideration.

But I get it, it can go two ways. One, he’s completely excited about the baby or two, you just confirmed his deepest fear. It’s a difficult situation to find yourself in if you are not sure about how he will respond to fatherhood. Still, the one thing that remains constant is that you have to tell him.

We can’t deny that there is a lot to lose. I mean, what about a man who is not emotionally invested?

Still, the notion of keeping it a secret at this point simply doesn’t work. No matter what your reasons. Yes, even if he says he’s not responsible… tell him.

Here are five reasons more.

1.    The baby is both you’re doing

You are not about to pop an ovum baby girl. He was part of the baby’s conception. That alone is reason enough to tell him about the baby. He was a vital part of its realization.

2.     He might want to be part of the upbringing

As much you might believe that he would find your pregnancy inconveniencing, you are not really sure how true this is. He might be excited and looking forward to being a father. Don’t deny him the chance to be part of his child’s life. (Yes, it’s his too). You never know, it might juyst bring you back together too.

3.    To plan yourself

Getting pregnant means making plans for an inevitable financial responsibility and knowing whether or not your ‘partner in crime’ will help you deal with the bills is important. The earlier you know the better you can plan your finances.

4.    Family medical history

While he might have been a delectable select, you can never be sure what hereditary health problems his family deals with like cancer or asthma. It’s in the best interest for your baby and yourself to find out so that you can plan the way forward and be ready for anything.

5.    Every child deserves a father

As much you believe in your capabilities to bring up a child on your own, you’ve got to remember that every child deserves a father. Yes, a lot of children have been brought up without one but denying your child the chance to grow up with both figures in his/her life just because you don’t like each other is selfish. Dr. Mwangi, a renowned psychologist states that there it is of up most importance to give your child balance. Both parents are important.


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