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What to do when you find out you are the side chick

What do you do when you find out you are the side chick?

You may have heard numerous stories from your girlfriend telling how she recently broke up with her boyfriend for cheating on her with some young girl or of how her married friend found some revealing pictures of some less than appropriately dressed young girl on her husband’s phone.

Whichever the case, as much as you are sympathetic towards their situations, you are somehow relieved that you are with a guy that treats you right and would never do that to you – in fact you have a date with him tonight.

Date time reaches and you meet up with your man. Something seems off about him that night and you ask him what’s wrong. He shamelessly hits you with the rude shock that his wife found out about the two of you and you cannot see each other anymore.


There are probably a million things running through your mind at that moment and you’re not sure what to do with that information that you were the side-chick all along. How did this happen? What do you do now?

Here are a few tips…

Be mature about it and talk your feelings out

You can decide to be the bigger person and talk your feelings out with the guy and let him know that what he did to you was not right.

Let him know that he was extremely selfish for leading you on and that his marital status should have been the first thing out of his mouth.


Then proceed to drop him. He is not worth it.

Stop talking to him at all

What’s the point anyway? He has clearly been wasting your time all along so why pursue anything at all.

You do not want to be known as the girl that messes around with a taken man. No matter how hard you try to keep it on the low, the truth will always find a way to come out.


Find someone else

There are many fish in the sea, as cliché as that sounds it is true. There is someone out there for you so don’t lower your standards to be someone’s seconds, fight to be someone’s one and only.


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