10 things women will never understand about men

There are some things that men do that women find a bit mind-boggling


It should be noted though that this does not apply to all men out there.

Plive.co.ke came up with a list of things that women will never understand about men.

1.Why it is so hard to say “I love you” but find it so easy to insult the woman that he is in a relationship with.

2.Why a man proposes to the woman they claim to love then break up with her and a few months later he is in a new relationship with a new woman and are even engaged.

3.Why a man can have a child by another woman but fail to mention it to the woman that they are currently involved with.

4.Why it is so easy for a man to walk away from a woman that has invested their all in them.

5.Why a man can tell so many women the exact same lie and not feel the slightest bit of shame.

6.How a man can have many sexual partners and not feel anything about it.

7.How a married man with children can decide to cheat.

8.How a man does not feel bad about keeping secrets from the woman they are in a relationship with.

9.How a man can think that they can have any woman they want just because they have money.

10.How married men can decide to get into an affair with girls old enough to be their daughters.


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