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4 common lies married men tell their wives and what they mean

Have you heard these before?

While cheating was commonly linked to men specifically, new reports and studies have revealed that more women are cheating as compared to men, with women even being labeled as “better cheaters” due to their secretive nature.

Regardless of what the statistics say however, there are some common lies that married men have over the decades been telling their wives in order to hide their infidelity.

Here are some classic lies that men have told over the years to hide their infidelity and the meaning behind them.


1.“I’m working late”

Whether in movies or real life, this is one lie that men have been using time and time again.

What does it mean?

It seems more believable if a man uses work as an excuse other than actually telling the truth because they might be doing something contrary to actually working.

I am doing the complete opposite of working late.


2.“Jane and I have been friends for years, our relationship is strictly platonic and there’s nothing going on between us”

What does it mean?

The man is probably hiding something that they do not want you to know. It could be a past relationship or fling they might have heard with Jane. It could even just have been a crush they had with Jane.

3.“I don’t know who that woman is that keeps calling me”

He knows exactly who that woman is and has probably spoken to her a couple of times behind your back.


4.“I love you and you know that. How could you doubt my love for you?”

This statement has guilt written all over it.

Men try to steer you away from what they are actually doing by tagging at your emotions.

Deceitful, but a lot of women have actually fallen for this a couple of times.


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