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10 oddest reasons to dump someone

So people who’ve been briefly dating sometimes have the oddest reasons to dump someone.

10 oddest reasons to dump someone (Courtesy/Independent)

For instance, I once dumped a guy for hating chocolate to the point of refusing to make out after I’d eaten Guylian chocolates he’d bought me and his grammar was atrocious.

After traversing the internet and talking to people, I found the oddest, weirdest and shallowest reasons why people have dumped their potential future ex-spouses.

Xaxa xema

It’s one thing to be illiterate in the white man’s language. It’s another thing entirely to constantly confuse “they’re” and “their” and to text people with “xaxa, xema”.


Body types

After meeting a lovely young man online, an unnamed lady was shocked to discover upon meeting him that he had lied about his height and was grossly overweight. She decided to end it there.


A Reddit user said, “He wore the same cologne as my dad and refused to change it. I couldn’t handle it.”

Ignorance isn’t bliss


“She didn’t know anything. Literally. Anything that happened she would always ask in this whiny voice, ‘Aki hiyo ni nini?’”

You think you’re funny until…

On a message board, a guy complained about how his girlfriend of a few weeks would always stick her finger in his ear and in his mouth every time he yawned.

Excessive badgering

“Baby why don’t you try this?”


“Baby, you know fries aren’t good for you.”

“Baby, can I have some of your fries?”

“Baby, I can’t finish the whole order by myself, let’s just share food.”

They only lasted one week.



“His middle toes were conjoined. I couldn’t handle it.”


“He called me bruh when we first met. I was done then and there.”

Force feeding

“She tried to force feed me avocado. I hate avocado. When I refused completely, she ate some then tried to kiss me.”


Horror stories

“She loved horror movies a bit too much and wanted to role play slasher movies in the bedroom.”


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