5 reasons why she hasn’t slept with you yet

Why you’ve not yet gotten the cookie

It’s been a couple of weeks/ months since the two of you started dating and you feel like it’s time for the two of you to take your relationship to the next level.

You get all hot and heavy one night while you’re together and you’re excited that things are finally taking off until she stops you and tells you how ‘she can’t do this’.

Here are some reasons why she hasn’t slept with you yet.

1.She’s still not sure about you/not comfortable with you

While you may think that the relationship needs to take it to the next level, she may not be feeling the same way. She’s probably still a bit awkward and uncomfortable with you in an intimate way.

2.She wants to save herself for marriage

Maybe she wants to be celibate until she gets married.

3.She’s a virgin

She probably hasn’t popped the cherry yet and may not want to give it up right away. She’s probably not ready to do so.

4.She doesn’t want to come off as loose

She doesn’t want to come off as loose to the guy that she’s with if she gives up the cookie too soon.

5.She’s not very comfortable with herself

Maybe she doesn’t feel sexy or comfortable to get intimate with someone at that time.


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