5 things you should never discuss with friends about your relationship

5 things that should never go beyond your bedroom walls.

In the celebrity world, the most successful couples are those that keep their relationships private. No doubt, there are situations where talking to your friends is actually a good way to handle your problems, however, there actually exists a boundary on things about your relationship that you can share and what needs to be remain private if you expect your dating life to last.

1. Financial issues

Girl, no man want’s his money business aired in the open. While you might be open enough to share with your friends about yours, you best let your man figure out his financial problems without your friend’s getting involved.

2. Partner’s private things

Being in a relationship reveals to you secrets about your partner that he would preferably keep on the down low. Don’t share his secrets, you risk losing his trust if he ever finds out.

3. Cheating

Yes, the urge to huddle up and wail away the feeling of betrayal is often at an all-time high in such situations but if you decide to forgive him and continue dating then you might want to keep this kind of info to yourself.

4. Comparing

Be his fan. You don’t want your friends thinking that you have the worst kind of boyfriend ever right? Well comparing him to other people or to your past flames may give the impression that your boyfriend is lacking which will definitely manifest when all of you hang out together. And think about what will happen if he finds out!

5. Sex game

The purpose of adverts is selling and dishing out to your friends about just how good your man is in bed is relationship suicide. Beyond giving too much information on what he can do, you’re basically giving your gal pals the idea of what it feels like being with your man. I know, CRINGE!

Some things are better left unsaid.


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