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Besides condoms, here are other ways to avoid getting pregnant after s3x

Do you trust the pull out method?

As you already know, sex leads to pregnancy, which leads to babies.

If you’re not looking for a child, it’s important to use some form of birth control method, otherwise, chances of conceiving will be high. Nowadays, people are more scared of getting pregnant than getting infected by an STD. Unprotected sex is quite common and many girls, especially the young ones, will simply pop an emergency pill after sex and life will move on. Now, condoms are not the only method to prevent pregnancy; although, it’s necessary to note that you and your partner both need to get tested to ensure that you’re free from diseases.

If you’re sexually active and in a serious relationship, you may want to start taking ‘the pill’ if you’re not ready to have a baby yet. Birth control pills are one of the safest ways to ensure you will not get pregnant because they control the fertility and have been known to be quite effective. However, because of their side effects, you need to consult with your doctor first and figure out the best plan for you.


2. Copper T.

This is another form of birth control where the doctor inserts a device in the cervical area and it lasts from 3-10 years and can be removed to regain fertility. This is a really effective method but again, you need to consult with your doctor first.

3. Pulling out.

This method is not particularly for weaklings. Your man needs to have a very strong pull out game for this to work. Basically, you have sex without a condom and when the man is about to ejaculate, he withdraws the penis from the vagina. The man has to be careful though because pre-cum can make you pregnant.


4. Safe days.

Also known as the safe week sex, this means that you should have sex during your safe days which you can calculate depending on how long your cycle is. Safe days are not the safest method to avoid pregnancy. If you count wrongly, you’re basically screwed, especially if your cycle is not constant.

5. Sterilization.

If worse comes to worse and you don’t want kid at all costs, you can go for this method as it’s 100% sure. However, there’s no going back as it’s almost impossible to reverse. It's probably also pretty expensive and not the easiest of surgeries out there, still, it's a last resort.

6. Anal sex.


Never will anal sex make you pregnant so if you're into that whole shebang, well, go ahead and bang then.


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