7 common excuses men use to cheat in relationships

Very dumb excuses


When men are cheating, they will give all sort of excuses to justify their acts or try to prove their innocence.

Here are some common excuses men use to cheat:

1. Women are more than us

This is the dumbest reason a man will give to justify his cheating. That just because women are more in numbers gives them a reason to sleep with more than one woman? But who on earth gave them the responsibility to attend to those extra women?

2. Am working late

Probably, he is going for a date with someone else but still wants to show you that he will only be working. You might actually think that he is being nice by explaining why he will be late but ooh unto you if he is not really working.

3. She is just a friend

When he receives sexy messages and strange calls at night, he will deny it right in your eyes. But which friend calls and texts every night if there is nothing more than friendship???

4. Nothing happened

And if you catch them cuddling red handed, he will still try to play with your mind and say that nothing happened. He will actually make you believe that nothing happened that day he spent at his friend’s place despite being drunk. All this, he expects you to believe and not question a word about it.

5. We are ever fighting

So what? If you are always fighting and don’t think you can ever resolve your problems, why not quit and have the liberty to do as you wish.

6. She cheated on me

Two wrongs have never made a right. And cheating because she cheated will not change the fact that she did. You either choose to solve the problem, or dissolve the relationship.

7. Drunkenness

This should actually not be on the list but it is because some men still believe that some woman probably from Mars will buy the idea. Cheating is a choice one makes but not a situation you just find yourself in.


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