Great ways to start a conversation with a complete stranger

Do not fear rejection

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Have you ever seen a stranger and really felt like talking to them but had no idea how to start a conversation?

It's okay, you're not alone. Talking to strangers requires balls or a few tequilas because the greatest fear in the world is the fear of rejection. You definitely don't wanna walk up to someone all smiley and gooey only to be ignored. Sometime back I saw this really good looking 'king' at a party and decided to compliment his sense of style only to be met with "Thanks but I have a girlfriend" SMH left me thinking 'Nigga who the hell told you I wanted you?' LOL. How rude! Yeah, approaching people can either go well or bad you just have to have an open mind and don't get mad when rejected it's life. That said, try these tricks to approach strangers.

1. Carry a lighter, always, even if you don't smoke.

A trick I learned a few years ago actually. A lighter is a dope conversation starter. Most of the time, when you attend a party or social event, there will always be a smoker. And, sometimes, smokers never have their lighters so they'll be like "Might you have a lighter?" at that point, fish out your lighter and start a conversation and voila! You have yourself a new friend if you're not the boring kind lol. Trust me, I have tried and tested this method myself so this ain't no fake news booboo.

2. Ask the time.

We all have phones, I know...but if it's in the bag, and the there's a stranger there with his phone or watch and his ass is fine as hell, ask the time even though you know damn well it's 12.30. Just ask and start that conversation after.

3. Offer them gum.

Don't tell me you've never sat in a matatu and your seat mate never offered you gum after buying one from those hawkers that sell sweets like "Tropkosssss tropkossss". Well, the minute you offer someone gum, if they accept, you can initiate a conversation and take it from there. But, be sure to eat one gum before offering so that the person doesn't end up thinking you're offering them gum to hint that their mouth stinks.

4. Compliment them.

"Really cute glasses, they look amazing on you, where did you get them?". Unless you're dealing with an asshole, people will always appreciate being complimented. In fact, you might make someone's day by just complimenting them and who knows, maybe even end up being friends.

5. Smile and say hi.

Then hope for the best. What's the worst that can happen?

6. The good old "You look familiar".

Not to be condescending, but if a stranger who looks nice, is well dressed, looks the part and all tells you that "You look familiar" you will be tempted to stop. However, you have to read between the lines – don’t get yourself kidnapped in the name of making new friends. If your instincts tell you otherwise, trust them. Mama knew best when she told you not to talk to strangers.

7. Dance.

This works best in a night club or party. Simply go dance next to the person you're hoping to spark a conversation with and wiggle your way into his life. I must point out that this also works best when it's a woman approaching a man on the dance floor. Men, if you try this, you may get a hot slap especially if you're the kind that come to rub your di*ks against a woman on the dancefloor. Go take your daggering skills elsewhere.


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