We say how difficult other people are but do you ever ask yourself if you are a difficult person?

Could be you are one of those people everyone finds it difficult to deal with. Before you point fingers at other people, evaluate yourself and know if you are a difficult person first. If you are, try to change because there are other difficult things to deal with in life than difficult people.

If you possess these traits, it’s crystal clear that you are one difficult person to handle:

1. You don’t keep friends

If you have toxic friends, you have all the reasons to let them go. But if you do not have a circle of friends you can count on at times of need, you must be a very difficult person. You might be good at making friends but then if you cannot keep them, you need to re-evaluate yourself.

2. People fear approaching you

You are not friendly and even your friends are afraid of approaching you even if they need help. Because they know even if they sought your help, you will dismiss them or pay no attention to them.

3. You are hard to love

You are the cause of break ups in relationships because no matter how hard your partner tries, you never appreciate. They try to love you, gift you and make you happy but you don’t even reciprocate the favors.

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4. You are left out

Everyone at work is going for a retreat on weekend and you are left out. Wondering why? Your colleagues probably feel that you are a difficult person who will only spoil the fun.

5. You whine every time

We all complain and it’s okay to do so. But if you are ever complaining about everything and never see any good in people, you have a problem.

6. You get moody for no reason

You are allowed to be moody but at least have a reason and it should not be a habit. And if you are moody, you don’t have to show it to the whole world because they don’t know what you are going through.

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7. You don’t take advice

No one is perfect and we all need some piece of advice sometimes. If you never take advice from people because you feel that you are ever right, it’s time you change.

8. It's all about you

Everything has to revolve around you at work, home and around your friends. And if it's no about you, then you don't take part.

You may not possess all the above traits but if you have more than four, you need to work on yourself.