Age difference doesn’t matter when choosing a partner – relationship therapist Grace Kariuki

It’s just but a number

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Is age just a number in relationships and is it a factor you should consider when looking for a partner? Society has taught us that the man should be the older one in a relationship. Even so, there are rare cases where the lady is older and some of those relationships do not always work.

While most ladies won’t date a man younger than them, relationship therapist Grace Kariuki says that this should not be an issue.

Age is just a number in relationships

“Maturity is measured by someone's ability to practice emotional intelligence. If the two people are of the same maturity level, no matter the age difference they can make a great life together” says Grace.

She goes on to add that sharing the same values and goals in life can lead to a mutually satisfying relationship regardless of the age difference.

According to Grace, if a couple also has an interest in each other’s wellbeing, then age is just but a number that shouldn’t be a problem in the relationship.

When age becomes an issue

Maybe you know of a couple who keep on fighting because one party feels like their partner is immature. The problem, in this case, is not the age but levels of maturity. Two people can have a huge age difference and still have the same maturity levels. Likewise, two people can be of the same age but have different maturity levels.

Age becomes a problem when one already has thoughts of doubt or is influenced by societal expectations. One should identify where the reservations about the age difference are coming from. There's also the dynamic of an older partner seeking a younger person because of past disappointment with individuals in their age bracket. They may feel a need to find a younger person who is not already set in their ways.” This therapist tells Pulselive.


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