10 clear signs that you are an alpha woman

You can't bring her down

Alpha females are mistaken for being bossy and domineering but that is not what they really are. An alpha woman is unique and most women desire their kind of confidence and assertiveness.

But how do you spot an alpha woman or know whether you are one? If you bare these traits, there is no doubt that you are an alpha female:

1. Stand by your beliefs

An alpha woman is not threatened by anyone regardless of the situation. She stands by her beliefs and defends her opinions without fear of intimidation. In the face of injustice, she will always stand for truth.

2. Team leader

In every group, there is always that one person whom people look up to for directions even if she has not been appointed as a leader. She brings people together and pulls the crowd around her without struggle.

3. Stands by other women

Forget about those bossy ladies who are always trying to bring down other women. An alpha woman wants to see other women rise and thus supports them in all ways. She is the kind of woman who is always campaigning for female rights.

4. No compromise

If an alpha woman finds herself in a contradicting situation, she will never compromise her morals or principles. Her values, dignity and self-respect come before people’s expectations.

5. Confident

This kind of woman does not need sympathy. She knows what she wants and will go for it with or without your support and nothing will pull her back.

6. Smart

She is the kind every man dreams of. She is intelligent and knows how to handle different situations. She is excited to face new challenges and she is not afraid of failing.

7. Resilient

When faced by challenges, some women will be fast to give up. However, an alpha woman rises every time she falls. The challenges make her strong, she learns from them and starts all over again until she gets there.

8. Other women look up to you

Do other women admire you and wish they would be like you? There is probably so much they desire from you and it’s crystal clear that you are an alpha woman.

9. Know what she wants

An alpha woman is clear about what she wants and she will not go for less. When it comes to chasing her goals, no one can dissuade her.

10. No competition

Alpha females live their life and are not pressured to be what they are not. She loves herself, her personality and cannot be influenced by others to change her personality or her social aspects just to fit in a social circle.


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