Baby names with the worst meanings

No child deserves such a name

Baby crying(Theshopville)

Before choosing a name for your baby, dig for details to know more about the name. Know it’s origin as well as its meaning. Some names are seemingly cute and sweet but the meanings are evil or so negative that you will not want your baby to carry such a name.

Check out some of the names with the worst meanings:

1. Courtney – means short nose

2. Portia – means pig

3. Cameron – crooked nose

4. Caleb – could mean faithful but also mean ‘dog’ in Hebrew

5. Cecilia – blind

6. Claudia – disabled

7. Deidre – a sad one

8. Emily – rival

9. Leah – means ‘light of the sun’ but also means ‘tired or weary’ in Hebrew

10. Mara – means bitter

11. Calvin – means bald

12. Tristan – sorrow

13. Hecate – goddess of witchcraft

14. Keres – evil spirits

15. Jezebel – we all know how evil Jezebel was from the Bible

16. Lilith – ghost

17. Thana – means death in Arabic

18. Zilla – gloom

19. Loralei – a German name which means ‘a woman who leads a man to his death’

Despite these names having negative meanings, it’s good to note that some names have different meanings. For instance, one name may have an awesome meaning and still have an awful meaning depending on its origin, language and where one lives.

So, just dig deeper and know the different meanings of a certain name before giving it to your baby.


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