5 signs that show your partner is selfish in bed

While sex is supposed to be enjoyed between two people sometimes it can end up being a one man/woman show.

Your man/woman may be great in different ways but may lack in making sure that things between the sheets are at par.

Here are 5 signs that show your partner is selfish in bed.

1.Never wait for their partner to orgasm

Once they reach the big O, they don’t care whether you reached it or not. They roll over to the other side of the bed and enjoy a good night sleep.

2.They guilt trip you

If you say no to having sex that day, they may get moody and sulk because they won’t get none. Guilt tripping someone into doing something they don’t want to is the ultimate act of being selfish.

3.They are not interested in what you like in bed

Whenever you try to tell them that you like this sex position or you want foreplay to last longer, they never pay much attention to it and still do the same things that they want to do.

4.They might know what you like but will skip it altogether

Even when they are aware that you’d want foreplay to last longer, they still just do whatever they want because they are more interested in pleasing themselves.

5.They are only nice to you when they want to have se

Not only is this selfish but manipulative. They only talk to you nicely when they want to blow off some steam..


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