11 struggles of being a woman, that guys will never understand

It's not easy

Women face unique challenges and only a fellow woman can understand this. To men, these struggles seem to be non-issues but can be real problems to women.

Here are some of them:

1. Walking in heels

Well, you really want to look sexy and still walk comfortably in your new pair of heels. This can really hurt but it’s the price you gotta pay anyway for being a woman.

2. Makeup

There is nothing as embarrassing as when the makeup goes wrong. It feels really odd when everyone stares at you because you look like a clone.

3. Underwear

What underwear should I put on today? What about the visible panty line and the wedgie from the thong? All these questions will run in a woman’s mind each day.

4. Someone showing up in an outfit like yours

For men, it doesn’t matter how many men show up in a ceremony with a similar outfit as theirs. Women spend months trying to look for a perfect and unique outfit for a certain occasion. If they find another woman with the same outfit, they will want to go change immediately or trash it.

5. Periods

This call of mother nature really sucks. She will wish it never came but will panic to death if she misses it. Again, the periods might show up when least expected and it freaks the hell out of you.

6. Leaking tampon

This is such a nightmare that every woman dreads and she has to keep on visiting the bathroom regularly to ensure all is well.

7. Submissiveness

Everyone in the society tells you to be submissive while men are taught about being aggressive. Even when you are standing for what is rightfully yours, the society still expects you to make no demands just because you are a woman.

8. Marriage

Relatives, neighbors and people who hardly know you will pressure you to get married and have kids without knowing your plans. Everyone wants to meddle with your personal life and it’s so annoying.

9. Bras

Sports bras, push up bras, strapless bras, non-is better. They all suck!

10. Gender wage gap

Why should someone with the same qualifications as you get paid more than you simply because of their gender?

11. Rape

Men get raped as well but it mostly happens to women. You have to be keen about the kind of clothing to wear, where to have drinks and the streets to avoid at night because you constantly fear being raped.


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