Sweet & unique baby names inspired by delicious foods

For your sweet angel

Baby names inspired by foods(owambe)

Looking for a baby name? Don’t think too hard. Sometimes the answer is just around you if you look keenly. Nature, for instance, inspires some of the sweetest and most unique baby names. The foods you eat every day could also be an inspiration for a perfect baby name for your little one.

We have listed some of the cutest names for both girls and boys, with their meanings. Have a look:


Kale – leafy green vegetable

Saffron – a type of spice

Almond – a type of nuts

Vin – the French name for wine

Devon – cream

Jack – a type of fruit

Ray –a type of fish

Nori – Japanese edible seaweed. The name is unisex

Cane – from sugar cane

Rye – grain used for flour


Amarantha – amaranth leaves/seeds (terere)

Clementine – a type of fruit

Maple – inspired by syrup maple

Cherry – a type of fruit

Melony – from melon

Parsley – Herb

Sultana – a type of grape

Taffy – sweet similar to toffee

Suzette – Crepe Suzette is a French dessert

Madeleine – French cookies

Brie – a type of cheese


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