Tired of common baby names like Jayden, Liam and Kyala? You don’t have to go that way. Neither do you have to worry that all the baby names have been exhausted and you have to give your baby old names like Tabitha or Agatha.

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The path that most people choose not to follow can turn out to be the best. There are still very cute names that people have been ignoring. So, in case you are expecting to receive your bundle of joy soon and have been wondering which name to give them, good news for you. We have listed some cute yet very uncommon names that you can give your baby:

cute black baby(Daily Health)
cute black baby(Daily Health)

1. Ayaan – means victorious

2. Marcelo – means hammer

3. Zayd – prosper

4. Zara – seed

5. Eliana – God has answered

6. Libby – this a diminutive of Elizabeth

7. Lennon – lover

8. Kairo – victorious

Cute baby(enca)
Cute baby(enca)

9. Rowan – unisex name

10. Aveline – hazelnut

11. Adira – strong/powerful

12. Nola – noble

13. Drey – beautiful girl

14. Flynn – son of the red haired one

15. Aitanna – mountainous