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Clever ways to apologize to bae without saying “sorry”

How do you say sorry?

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Owning to your mistakes and apologizing to your partner is what you should always do whenever you are on the wrong. But we all have those moments when we feel like we can’t say sorry anymore. Maybe because we have used the word “sorry” too many times or because we feel like our partners will blame all the fault on us if we say sorry another time.

But does that mean you can just make a mistake and leave it at that without caring? Not at all. If uttering the word “sorry” is too hard for you, there are other ways to apologize to your partner.

Check out these clever ways to do it:

1. “I regret that...”


This is a good way to say sorry to your partner without uttering the words. After all, saying sorry is supposed to show that you regret your actions. You could, for instance, say something like, “I regret that I said such awful things to you out of anger. I should have done better”. Then go ahead and hug your partner and give them a peck. They will see that you are genuinely sorry.

2. “My bad”

You are accepting that you messed up but you are also saying that it’s time to forget about the indifference you had and move on with your relationship.


3. “I didn’t mean what I said”

When we are angry, we can say nasty things to our partners yet we don’t mean it. If that’s the case, just let your partner know that whatever you did or said was simply out of anger.

4. “I know I was wrong and would love to make it up to you”

By first acknowledging your mistakes, it shows how sorry you are. Going ahead and offering to make it up to them shows you are ready not to repeat the mistake.


5. “It was my fault”

You are simply admitting that you were wrong and expressing regret by taking all the blame. This will make your partner feel better and consider giving you another chance.


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