Moving in together is one of the biggest steps in a relationship.

Even bigger than marriage by some standards. It comes with a lot of pressure and can be a serious cause of stress. If it doesn't work out, it could also lead to many consequences such as loss of property or money.

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However, to lower the chances of things going to hell, you can look out for signs that you and bae are ready to live together.

1. You know each other's routines

This allows you to tell if your habits are compatible. Or if compromises can be made.

2. You can manage your mutual income

Talking about money comes easily to the two of you. You can both manage expenses with openness and can trust each other.

3. You spend your time at your partner's place

If you spend majority of the time at your partner's place, you should consider moving in with them as maintaining your own home becomes an added expense you don't need.

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4. You're self-sufficient

If you have your own social life, job, hobbies, and interests outside of your relationship, you may be ready to move in. It helps keep the spark in your relationship alive as you don't become all-consumed with your partner.

5. You can easily work together to solve problems

If you are partners who are willing to work together, or know when to defer to the expertise of the other then you maybe ready to live together. If you don't try to overshadow your peer's assistance or dismiss them when they ask questions.