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6 reasons why women would prefer to date younger guys

Why she becomes a cougar

Cougars are becoming more commonplace and it’s no longer dragged around as a murky, seedy, underbelly of a corrupt society but more a way of life that’s just- normal.

Cougars are women who date men who are at least 8 years younger and here are some of the reasons why they would prefer to keep doing so.

They make you feel young again


Dating an age mate or someone older can force you to act more mature than you want or intend to. Younger men make older women feel like girls again. Feelings of giddiness and excitement akin to a high school crush come running back when dating a younger guy.

They are try-sexual

For most young guys who are worldlier than their older conservative counterparts, they’re willing to try almost anything at least once. They are more adventurous and likelier to force these women out of their comfort zones.

They are energetic

It goes without saying, younger men have more stamina.


They are more interesting

Since they are younger, they will have be a lot more intriguing than an age mate who would have more in common with a woman. Younger guys would be like a breath of fresh air.

They are more willing to learn

Older, more experienced women are given the chance to teach the younglings a lot more- in the bedroom and wherever. The younger generation would be more amenable to receiving “tutoring” than older guys.

They don’t have false machismo


These younger guys are usually not averse to being emotional or sensitive. They don’t suffer from inherent chauvinism or fragile masculinity where even the slightest whiff of something deemed non-traditional would have them dashing to the nearest shooting range or camou-wear store.


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