Cheesy things almost every couple is guilty of doing

Which of these are you guilty of?

After a few months of dating, you decide to move in together and your relationship gradually progresses from just seeing each other to being in a serious relationship. When you get to that point, a lot of things change, in a good way. You become more free and comfortable around each other, so much so that you have nothing to hide from each other - things like going to the bathroom while your partner is watching become the norm. You no longer call each other by the official name and somehow, you even start to look like each other, not to mention all the cheesy but cute things you start doing, such as:

1. Giving each other nicknames.

Admit it, you have saved bae's name on your phone with a cute name or emoji. This is common among most couples. Nothing brightens up your day more than seeing a message in the middle of the day from 'My heartbeat'.

2. Wearing matching clothes.

Most of us, when dating, have at one point bought matching clothes. Whether it's customized football or rugby jerseys, matching t-shirts or even Kitenge outfits, we have at one point gotten something matching to show off to the world. Matching outfits for couples are cute but can be annoying when overdone and even come off as trying too hard to impress.

3. Social media.

Posting about each other, commenting on each other's posts, leaving kissy faces and what not. It's always tempting to show off your relationship on social media even though most of the times, it brings more harm than good. If you can keep your relationship away from the internet, the better for your relationship.

4. Celebrating any sort of anniversary.

You know those couples that celebrate all sorts of anniversaries? Like the day they met, became friends, ate Pizza together, moved in together, and pretty much everything else they did together?

5. Getting matching tattoos.

Like half a love shape or the ying to my yang kinda tattoos. The problem with matching tattoos especially those with your partner's name is if you break up, you have to cover up the tattoo or get rid of it through laser. So if you're going to get tattoos, at least get those without your partner's name. If you have a king and queen tattoo for instance, you can always live with a tattoo written queen. No big deal, and, as a plus, you may meet someone willing to get king tattooed to match yours. Or, you know, just stay away from that whole matching tats shebang.

6. Emoji lingo.

Are you even in a relationship if you don't send each other kissy faces and love hearts? I feel like when you're in a relationship, emoji lingo is almost always necessary for some reason.


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