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9 places where you can meet other single people willing to mingle

Putting yourself out there is the only way you'll meet other people

If you’re a single person looking to change that status, then this article is for you. I mean, you really can’t live all your life jumping from one d*ck to the next. At one point, you’ll need to find that one person with whom you can share bits of your life, do activities together, confide in each other and hopefully, take the relationship to the next step. Being single is great as it gives you time to heal, find yourself and also realize what you want and what you will no longer tolerate in all matters dating. When you’re finally ready to date again, you have to keep your eyes open, be open minded and frequent places where you’re most likely to meet other singles searching.

The key to meeting other people is basically putting yourself out there, you can’t meet people if all you do is head straight home after work. Get active and frequent some of these paces for a chance to potentially meet the one.


1. The gym.

The gym is a nice place to meet fellow singles. You can always break the ice with a conversation starter that involves workout or even the basic talk such as asking about the profession of the person and later on, you can find out if he/she is single or not. The beauty of the gym is that you know for sure if this person is single, they definitely take self-care seriously which is a plus.

2. Church.

This is an obvious one. Although, do not be fooled into thinking that you will find all the God-fearing people here. Churches nowadays are full of hypocrites (sorry not sorry). Still, if you do spot a special someone say in the congregation or choir, spark a conversation and see how things go. So many people have met through the church and ended up being in successful relationships that led to marriage.

3. Weddings.


In my opinion, this is one of the best places to meet fellow singles. Most of the time, when a guy gets married, his mates start to feel the pressure of being left out and you’ll see most of them begin to kinda wanna date seriously. So, weddings are a place you can find the one easily. Next time you’re invited to a wedding, keep your eye and ears open *wink*.

4. Airports.

Airport lounges can be awesome places to meet people or make friends from other parts of the world. If you have a long layover or a flight delay, instead of listening to your playlist over and over, say hi to that chic or guy seated next to you. Get to know where they are from, where they’re heading etc., you never know. That single conversation could lead to more.

5. Social events.

I cannot stress the fact that finding someone is all about putting yourself out there enough. Go out to social gatherings, be it house parties, day social events such as Koroga, team building, road trip plans with friends etc. These social gatherings are fun places to meet like-minded people. Talk to that guy dancing next to you at Koroga Festival, take a selfie, exchange Instagram handles, wing it! Life is short, he/she might end up being your next bae.


6. School.

If you’re doing your masters or your degree, school is where you probably spend most of your time. You could keep your eyes open while at the library, cafeteria or anywhere else around the school.

7. Travel.

I remember the first time I went to the Masai Mara, we were a group of strangers all in one van and really, we had no choice but to socialize. My point is, travel offers you an opportunity to meet other people be it while traveling seated next to each other, doing activities together or even being stuck in a queue together.

8. Introduction through friends.


Think about it, some of the favorite people on your phone book, you probably met them through mutual friends, right? Just like Meghan Markle met Prince Harry, you too could be introduced to your Prince Charming by your friend. Next time your friend tells you “By the way there’s someone I want you to meet…” don’t dismiss them. Be open minded and go for that blind date. You just never know!

9. Through your kids.

When you attend your kid’s parent’s day, mingle with other parents. You might just come across a single mom or dad searching for someone. This doesn’t only have to be through a school setup. Even when you take your child to the mall or on a play date, mingle with other parents around, one might be single and very ready to mingle.


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