This is what women really want from men, according to these guys

Did they nail it?

These are some of the answers gotten from a survey conducted by Verily.


"Women want a guy with a sense of humor. Not necessarily someone who is always making jokes, but I think knowing that the guy can be lighthearted about the right things is always viewed positively and seems to be a highly desired trait." –Bryan


"Confidence. Because I've seen a lot of women take a pass on amazing guys, but guys who just are insecure. Also, I've seen a lot of women go for guys who are losers, but confident losers." –Demitri

Respect and honesty

"Women are looking for a man with integrity, who is authentic, that is: is respectful of all women all the time everywhere (not just his date, when on a date). Women pick up on how you treat others, and they see that, and that's what builds their trust." –Xavier

Career and work ethic

"Career. It is the most externally available and obvious attribute and can say a lot about the guy. A man who has his career in line, or at least has a defined vision and plan for it, is likely to have other areas of his life squared away. You can tell a lot about a man by how he sees himself with respect to his labor." –Bryan

"If he makes big money, that's a huge plus." –Tyler


"Being handsome doesn't hurt . . . being athletic and/or physically fit enough to defend her." –Anthony

"On a first date? Probably looks—handsome face, athletic build, a put-together look wins the day." –Xavier

Good heart and emotional stability

"She's probably asking: Is this guy a good match for me emotionally, professionally, spiritually? Will he support and complement my values, goals, and aspirations? Basically, will he love me, for me?" –Matthew

"In my opinion, women feel safe around a man of character even if he does not have the obvious physical size and strength. It's about heart, and women can easily pick up on when a man has heart." –Kyle


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