18 things women do that turn men off

Dudes get turned off too

Have you ever hang out with a guy who is either someone you’re seeing or just a guy friend and after sometime you notice they no longer want to hang out with you or no longer call you? Most likely, that’s because you were annoying or they simply did not like your habits. If we are being honest with ourselves, there are things we do that turn off guys big time and we have the list:

1. When you’re invited for a date and you bring your whole squad.

2. And as if that was not enough, you expect the guy to handle all your bills.

If you have no money, stay at home or order for something you know you can afford if shit hits the fan. I don’t understand how a grown ass woman would go for a date without her own money and then choose to drag all her BFFs cause “so and so is paying”. Very barbaric behavior ladies.

3. Bad hygiene.

If you can smell a pungent or strange smell, be informed that others can smell it too. Just go get checked it’s a huge turn off to walk around smelling like you’re carrying rotten fish.

4. Being too high maintenance.

If you’re the kind that only takes expensive bottles of champagne and whiskeys, it’s only fair that you foot your own bill or hang out with people that can stand and afford high maintenance behavior. Pressuring a dude to buy you Moet is not fair yet you can’t even afford it yourself.

5. Too much makeup.

I do know very well that we all wear makeup to look good for ourselves and not to please any man. But most men prefer simplicity. Natural hair, nails that do not look like they can gorge out eyeballs and minimal makeup. Trying too hard comes off as “fake” and you lose your authenticity as you’re just like every other wannabe slay queen out there.

6. Spending too much time on your phone taking pics of everything.

It’s okay to document things and take photos to act as memorabilia but go easy on the selfies. A few photos here and there are fine but snapping literally every moment is annoying. Keep your phone away for a second and live in the moment for once!

Listen up, no man wants a nagging woman. You need to have something that keeps you busy. Be it school or a job, if you keep yourself busy, then your whole life will not revolve around a man, which will be good for you and him. Don't spend all your time gossiping, complaining, nagging and leaving negative energy everywhere you go.

8. Being overly jealous and insecure.

If you’re one of those chics that stalk all the females that comment on his Instagram and threaten them, you need to check yourself.

9. Playing hard to get.

Seriously, be the women that knows exactly what she wants and is not afraid to go after it. If you genuinely want a guy and he wants you too, playing mind games will take you nowhere.

10. Paradoxically, also being too available is a turn off.

It’s a turn off when a girl is too open about her bedroom shenanigans. You can have sex but do keep your private life private no one needs to know the list of people you’re banging and no man also wants to be with someone that’s ‘been all over’.

11. When women answer “Fine” to everything.

Even when we know damn well that not all is fine but we just won’t open up.

12. When we say we are not hungry only for the guy to order food and suddenly, we are hungry.

13. When we do not initiate sex.

Once in a while initiate the sex. Send him a text while he’s at work and tell him how you can’t wait to do bad things to him. Take charge. Men like that.

14. Having zero ambition.

Men like women that can handle their own. It’s sexy when a woman has her ducks in a row or is working to get there. Ambition is sexy.

15. Asking for money.

Unless you know the person very well, asking for money is a huge turn off especially if you’re not asking for a loan to pay back.

16. Being shallow.

When you don't know anything happening around the world. Your go-to topics are Real Housewives of Atlanta and the Kardashians or, well, makeup.

17. Being mean and catty.

Unleashing the hood rat in you will never be sexy boo. Keep it classy.

18. Getting sloppy drunk.

No one wants to be the one tasked with handling a super drunk chic. Go slow on the booze.


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