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How to make your office romance work

So you fell for your co-worker, here's how to make things work.

One such situation could be the fact that the both of you work in the same place. While the rules on office romances differ from one office to the next, it is still important to have some rules of your own.

Here’s how to make your office romance work.

1.Keep the love away from the office


You may be tempted to do all the things that lovers do while in the office but it’s probably best to avoid doing so.

The office serves one person and that is to work so try to do as much work other than play while there.

2.Let office matters stay in the office

It is very easy to get carried away into talking about work when dating a colleague which can get monotonous and boring for the relationship.

Try as much as possible to leave office matters in the office. Once you step out of the office doors, you should concentrate on doing things as a couple.


3.Avoid dating your boss

Dating the boss is usually associated with one thing – you’re sleeping your way to the top. That’s the thought that most people will have in the office anyway.

If it is true then learn to keep it between the two of you which brings us to the next point.

4.Keep things between the two of you

Just like any other relationship, privacy is an important part of making it successful. Everyone is entitled to do as they please in their relationship but remember not to let out too much as it will attract just as much criticism in your relationship.


5.Using the company e-mail to send personal messages to one another



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