10 ways to impress her on the first date

It's not that hard to please a woman

Most of the times, if you have spoken to the person before the date and you have a good feeling about them, you get the good kind of jitters and get really excited about meeting them. But in between the pleasantries, formalities, enjoying the food, conversation and all that shebang, things could go from 100 to 0 real quick. It could be a comment you made or your behavior or even bringing up your ex. A first date is all about making a great first impression, to hopefully get another date. So yeah definitely, the pressure is real. When females go on a first date, they have so many expectations, heck some females will even expect you not to be bald or have all 32 teeth lol. So how do you impress her on the first date?

Read on:

1. Be on time and choose a reputable place to meet.

This is a first date and so you have to choose a place where you will both be able to have a conversation. Clubs or overly noisy restaurants are a no no as you will keep trying to reach over the table to be able to hear each other. At the same time, you can’t suggest to meet at a strip club or some basement joint, have some respect for the lady.

Listen, you don’t have to come dressed up in an Italian custom-made suit. The point is, look presentable, wear your signature head turning scent, pop a tic tac, groom the beard, oil your face and hands and exfoliate your lips. Ladies hate guys with dry lips, they’re neither sexy nor kissable.

3. Know your shit when it comes to food and drinks.

Ladies love a man who’s a food and drinks enthusiast. We want you to help us order when we just can’t seem to figure out what we want or in instances where you’re in an exotic restaurant and have no clue what the meals are. We want a man who will tell us “Do you love beef? You’ll love this” as he points at the menu. Taking charge is an admirable manly character. If you’re not a connoisseur though, don’t pretend just be you.

Don’t be a bore. Still, it’s important to avoid controversial topics on the first date such as religion, politics and bits of sexuality. Don’t hog the conversation, let her talk too. The best way to do this is reverse psychology, get her to open up without you opening up too much it’s a nice trick to get to know people. For example, you could answer her question but shoot back a question so as to keep the conversation going.

5. Compliment her but be a gentleman about it.

There’s a thin line between giving a compliment and sounding thirsty. Ladies love to be complimented especially if the compliment is genuine. You could tell her how the hairstyle looks great or how the dress looks amazing on her or even compliment her scent. Don’t just blurt out a misogynistic remark.

6. Respect her personal space.

Don’t expect her to be comfortable with being touched or you coming too close to her. Hello, it’s a first date not engagement party okay? Let her be the one to initiate the physical touch. If you must, or can’t help yourself, ask her if she’s okay with you holding her hand for instance.

7. Have table manners.

Don’t talk with food in your mouth, chew loudly etc. Know how to use a knife and fork, you know? The basics. Also, watch your drinking, nothing is more of a turn off than some sloppy drunk man yikes!

8. Keep the phone away and pay attention to her.

Women love when guys pay attention even to the smallest bits. I once went on a date which went so well that we had more dates and on one of the dates, he noticed that I had shaved my lady moustache and I was actually pretty impressed that he had noticed such a tiny detail. See, it doesn’t take much to impress a girl hehe.

9. Make her laugh.

The number one way to impress her is to make her laugh.  You could make a joke about yourself or tell her a funny personal life story or a joke that works every time. If you make her laugh you’re definitely getting called back. But, don't try too hard, we can tell when a guy is trying too hard. Just be you.

10. After the date, see her off.

Walk her to her taxi, open the car door for her, give her a hug and a tiny kiss on the cheek and tell her to let you know when she’s home safe. Even if you want to kiss her so badly, hold off. You don’t wanna come off as too thirsty. If you did a great job on the first date, you probably have many more lined up so easy boy, the kiss is gonna come sooner than later.

Now go carpe diem.


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