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Signs you have been single for too long

It's time to get back in the dating scene

First of all, there's nothing wrong with being single. Singlehood has it's benefits too. In fact, some people choose to be single forever or even for a long time as they cannot stand the relationship dramas. However, when someone has been single for too long, they start doing things that clearly prove they have been single for too long and it's time they got back into the dating game.

Here are signs you have been single for way to long and it's time to start dating again:

1. Your family has basically stopped asking when you're getting married.


2. Your friends keep trying to hook you up with people.

3. You have considered freezing your eggs as you've given up on finding your prince charming.

4. But you console yourself that you'll be that single cool auntie.

5. In fact, memes like this get you shouting "This is so me!"


6. Your dating standards have gone to the dogs.

Due to worry, you kind of start hitting on office interns and people who aren't even your type.

7. You have a dating app like Tinder on your phone.

8. You don't even shave anymore, what is a sex life?

9. You don't own any cute lingerie.


10. You have several bad habits you need to break, like chewing with your mouth open.

Well, do you have a choice when there's no one available to tell you of all the things you're doing wrongly?

11. You have binged watched all series out there, it's all you do!

12. On a positive note, you have gotten to love yourself and enjoy your simple quiet life, so much so that you'd rather sleep than go on a date.


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