Why it's necessary to date a f*ckboy at least once in your life

It will make you wiser

No I'm not kidding. We have all all come across a fuckboy or even dated one at one point and if you haven't, you should because it's actually good for you. Think about it, you need to be with different types of people, to know what you deserve and know what true and genuine love really is. Here's why you need to date a fuckboy at least once in your life:

1. It will make you wiser.

In all aspects. Like I mentioned earlier, you will learn that you deserve way better than being with someone who does not care about you and you will upgrade your standards when it comes to men. Fuckboys are so heartless that the minute you are done with one, you never want to put yourself through that kind of mess ever again.

After you've been with a fuckboy, you get to know what kind of a relationship you want and how you want a man to treat you and will not accept anything less, after all, you have been through the worst.

3. You toughen up.

For some reason, getting over a fuckboy is one of the hardest things ever. It's like some sort of a drug that we cannot live without. A fuckboy will treat you like you're nothing and you will still find yourself crying for him and doing wifey shit for him. But the minute you get over this useless relationship, trust me you can handle more breakups to come like the badass mature strong woman you are.

4. You realize that you're better off alone than with someone undeserving.

We live and learn. And one of those lessons is that it's better to be alone and happily single than in a miserable relationship or with someone who adds no value to your life.


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