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Don’t let Covid-19 affect your s3x life, try these spicy tips instead


Romance(DESTINY Magazine)

The impact of Covid-19 can already be felt emotionally, socially and even financially. All these are factors that can also ruin your sex life in a great way.

For those living together with their partners, things might not be bad in the bedroom if you are following the necessary rules. However, if your partner is in a different city or estate, you might feel a bit unsafe to even visit them for a sleepover. So you might as well abstain until things are calm.

But, that’s no reason to ruin your sex life. You can still spice up things even when you can’t enjoy real sex with your partner.

Here are a few tips you can try:


1. Make use of technology

Have a date with your partner and try doing something exciting in the evening on video call. Put on something sexy, talk dirty or do something that turns your partner on. Make it playful and see where it leads to.

If you are both into solo sex, get a little bit crazy and do it both on video.

2. Sex chat frequently


This will keep the spark alive at least until you get the chance to meet. Even you don’t do it daily, do it several times a week.

3. Remind each other of past best moments

This is the moment to talk about all the great moments you have had together. They don’t have to be sexy moments but the sexier it gets, the better. It could be a vacation you had last year or a moment you were just working on a recipe that turned into a steaming sexual experience minutes later.


4. Talk of what you desire to do next time you are together

This is the perfect time to share your sexual fantasies with your partner. If you want to be tied with a rope or just try something kinky, tell them how you can’t wait to try that with them.

5. Use sex toys


Thanks to technology, you can control a sex toy from afar. With your phone and the help of an app, you can have your partner wear their vibrating underwear while you control it. Make it as playful and fun.


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