Every day struggles that only extroverts understand

Extrovert problems

Extrovert struggles (Getty Images)

Extroverts may seem like they have perfect lives. With their outgoing nature, everyone wants to be around them. And while they are fun to be around, extroverts have their struggles that you cannot understand unless you are one.

Take for instance these common struggles of being an extrovert:

1. You can’t understand how people stay indoors all weekend

It’s even harder now with quarantine due to coronavirus. Extroverts recharge by connecting with other people socially. The struggle of being alone can be too overwhelming for them.

2. You are not expected to be sad

People are so used to seeing you all bubbly that when you remain silent probably because you have an issue bothering you, everyone gets surprised. It’s like people forget you are human too with feelings like everyone else.

3. People mistake your friendliness for flirting

For you, you think you are just being friendly and trying to keep the conversation alive because anyway, that’s just you. Sadly, some people might mistake it for flirting.

4. You get mistaken for a rebel

Because you just can’t hold your thoughts and opinions, some people will think you are being rebellious while you are only expressing yourself.

5. People think you are needy

They don’t just get it that you need to be around people to feel alive just like introverts need their ‘me time’ to recharge. People will be wondering how on earth you can’t do things on your own and always need company.

6. That moment you want to go out but your friends would rather not go

And it’s too bad because again, you can’t go alone.

7. FOMO is so real

You want to be a part of every activity but this does not always happen. You might be having lots of fun in one event but you still feel bad that you can’t be in that other one that your friends are attending.

8. You are expected to be the chief entertainment officer

Well, you don’t mind this because you love it. However, there are times you just want to sit back and enjoy without being the front cheerleader.


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