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Being labeled a lesbian and other everyday struggles of being a tomboy

Which other struggles do you know?

Tomboy struggles (tumblr)

Being a tomboy is not an easy thing in a society where you are expected to dress like a girl and act like one yet you are not into girly stuff. You struggle every day with things that nobody else can understand unless it’s a fellow tomboy.

Every tomboy can at least agree that they have to deal with these struggles from time to time:

1. Reminding people that you are still a girl


People have gotten used to seeing you dressed like a guy to an extent of forgetting that you are a girl. So, from time to time, you have to keep on reminding them that you are still a girl.

2. People assume you are a lesbian

Hey there, I am a tomboy and I am super straight. Okay?

3. You have been hit on by women


Oops! I am sorry but I’m not into women.

4. Nobody asks you out on a date

First, boys think of you as one of them and therefore are unlikely to approach you. And because some think you are a lesbian, they cannot hit on you.


5. You detest dressing up

You are so used to dressing in your baggy jeans and sweat pants and you hate events that need you to dress up. And walking in heels is another horrifying story.

6. When you dress up, all attention is on you


When you make an effort and put on a gown and heels, all eyes are on you. You get comments like ‘You look like a girl today’ and you don’t know whether it’s supposed to be a compliment.

7. You have been forced to change

Growing up, your parents and siblings probably tried to get you to change and be more girly. Even today, some people still tell you how much better you would look if you embraced girlishness.


8. People doubt your gender

‘Are you actually a girl?’ Like really? You have to prove your gender to those who think you are transgender.


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