Picture this.

After what seems like an eternity of crushing on someone, you finally manage to get a date with them.

The date goes on well – at least according to you – and you are sure that you impressed enough to score a second one.

You call them after a few days and they never pick so you think they might be busy and they’ll call you back. Two hour turns to three; those three hours turn to a day and eventually weeks – you’ve been ghosted.

Now you’re left wondering what the hell went wrong. There could be numerous reasons why your potential partner ghosted you. Maybe they’re just not into you or maybe you being late to your date really put them off.

Here are 8 mistakes you should never make on a first date if you’re counting on a second one.

1.Got drunk

If you’re first date involves anything to do with alcohol, it may be best to limit your alcohol intake to 2 glasses of whatever you are drinking.

2.Talk about your ex

Everyone has a past and an ex they wish they never dated but a first date isn’t the most ideal time to bring them up.

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3.Not listening to your date

It’s a bit inconsiderate to not really listen to what your date is saying – and a little bit rude too. Even though they are boring at least listen to what they have to say or cut your date short then – in a respectful way though.

4.Not look presentable

This can’t be repeated enough times but first impressions really do matter. At least avoid committing these first date fashion faux pas and you should be on the right track.

5.Be rude to a waiter/waitress

Never forget your manners during a date especially when it comes to communicating with waiters and waitresses. It will communicate a lot about your character.

6.Force intimacy

Don’t force that kiss if it’s not happening. Avoid the uninvited sexual connotations during the first date as well.  Let the intimacy come naturally.

7.Reveal everything about yourself

Yes, first dates are meant for the sole purpose of getting to know each other better but you shouldn’t reveal every little detail at once.

8.Be late

Some people get completely turned off by people that are late. This is not 5 minutes late because you couldn’t get parking but like an hour late.