5 sure signs your relationship has advanced to the next level

Ship just got real.

You talk about when to become exclusive.

You talk about moving in together.

You talk about children and marriage.

But more often than not, you don't even have to discuss anything. You find yourselves, happy and settled. So secure in your relationship that if a rumour was brought to you of your partner cheating on you- your reaction would be laughter.

Here are 5 signs you relationship has reached that level.

1. You know each other's favourites

When you go out to eat and a waitress shows up to take your orders- you already know your partner's order. You can easily pick out gifts for your partner. You know your partner inside out.

2. You know your partners PINs and passwords

When you ask bae for airtime, s/he just hands you over their phone to transfer the cash from their M-Pesa. And you don't even need to ask for the passcode or PIN.

3. You have a side of the bed

If you go to bed before your partner, you know which side to sleep. Where your charger is, your pillow and probably your favourite stuffed animal.

4. You prefer to stay in

You and your partner have reached a point in your relationship where you would rather hang out indoors instead of going out to eat. You can change plans just to sit in comfortable silence with your partner.

5. You're no longer easily embarrassed

When you fart, get violently sick, end up with acne, develop stretch marks- you don't worry about your partner's reaction. You know they love you no matter what


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