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5 warning signs your spouse may be stealing from you

When the statement makes no sense.

When you check your statements, you realise withdrawals and expenditure happened that you can't account for.

There are signs that your money is being siphoned away by your spouse.


Look out for these.

1. You can't talk about money without it turning into a fight

Whenever the discussion about money pops up, your partner is always combative or defensive.

2. They buy things they can't afford but have no explanation for how they can

They get sneaky or accusatory when you bring it up.


3. They suddenly become secretive

Your partner may be having an expensive hobby to maintain. Such as online gambling or sports betting. To avoid getting caught, they become dodgy about their wherabouts.

4. Your partner never talks about money

For some couples, this may be the norm especially if there is a sole breadwinner. However, when your partner stops asking for or about money and you have cash missing- red flag.


5. They always buy more than previously agreed upon

When a shopping list is agreed upon, and money handed over, it should be cause for concern if your partner overspends but didn't need additional money to cover the extra costs.


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