Everyone in a relationship loves a good cuddle.

Whether it's just after sex or on the couch while watching TV. Some men like putting their heads on their partner's laps while they read the papers or watch something.

The intimacy that comes from non-sexual contact gives a level of gratification only those in relationships (and people with pets) can understand.

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This could be why.

1. It boosts your immunity

The more you get into contact with your partner, the higher your immunity. Exposure to someone else's germs triggers a protective response in your system according to experts and in the long run this helps you fight diseases better.

2. Higher libido

Cuddling can increase your libido as it triggers the release of the happy hormone, dopamine and oxytocin.

3. Reduces anxiety

Physical touch can help reduce stress. This is because cuddling triggers the release of oxytocin, which has been proven to reduce anxiety.

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4. Reduces risk of high blood pressure

Studies have shown that there is a significant correlation between cuddling and reduced blood pressure. The greater frequency of hugs, the lower resting blood pressure

5. Pain relief

The oxytocin hormone, helps alleviate some of the pain when injured. The neurons that are responsible for sending oxytocin coursing through your veins also work to stimulate cells in your spinal cord. Causing the stimulated cells increase your levels of oxytocin that leads to "a pain-relieving effect."