Almost all married couples are the same.

There are experiences only married or long-term couples share. Just like parenthood, being from the village or having a lousy boss- there are many things such people can relate to and only they can understand.

1. The wake-up call

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2. Wife logic

Husband watches TV.

Wife: Nkt

Husband switches off TV.

Wife: Nkt

Husband: Ok, babe what's wrong.

Wife: You even have to ask?

Husband: Whatever it is I did, I'm sorry.

Wife: How can you be sorry if you don't even know what you did?

3.  Ordering food

Husband: Babe do you want fries?

Wife: No.

Husband (to waiter): Bring me a burger, fries and a soda.

Wife (to waiter): I'll have a salad.

The food arrives.

Wife: Babe si we share the fries? Let me give you some salad.

4. Going out

Wife: Babe I'm going shopping, wanna come?

Husband: There's a game I wanted to watch...

Wife: Stay if you want to stay.

Husband: I'll get my shoes.

5. When looking for things

Wife from the living room: Babe nikujie na hiyo bag iko hapo kwa closet.

Husband: There's no bag in the closet.

Wife: Just check.

Husband comes into living room: I checked there wasn't any.

Wife goes into bedroom and finds it.

Husband: How does she do that?

6. Sexting

Sexting in honeymoon stage.

Husband: I can't wait to get home and lick **** ***** ************.

Wife: And I can't wait to *** *** ****** *******.

Sexting after honeymoon stage.

Wife: Kuja na tissue

Husband: *blue ticks*

7. Spaced out

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