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10 most annoying types of friends

You know yourselves.

We would all love to believe we are perfect in our friendships but here are the 10 most annoying types of friends.

If you think you don't have any annoying friends, then it's probably you.

They are still loved though.


The one who tattles

This friend is the one who sells you out without even thinking about it. And you can’t be mad because they don’t do it out of malice.

Your mum got suspicious of the fact that some mangoes got stolen from her store. And when she asks you where you were at the time they disappeared you immediately lie that you were at your friend’s place. But your buddy is like, “No, you weren’t.”

The one who is always late

No matter what you do to make the time known, this friend will always be late by an hour or so. Even though you tell them to leave the house when you leave yours, they will still get there way later than you expected.


The one who has no interests

They don’t watch movies. They don’t follow series. They don’t read books, listen to music or watch cartoons. They aren’t on social media and CNN to them is that thing where wazungu talk about how everyone is dying. They make it very hard to hold a conversation because you can only gossip about other people or talk about work.

The one who never wants to do anything

No matter what you suggest, they never want to do anything. They will complain about everything when they accompany their friends. They don’t like hanging out at home because it’s boring. And they never want to go out because the weather.

The one who always wants a relationship


After a brief stint at singlehood, these friends suddenly turn you into an agony aunt and are always talking about how they can’t seem to find love. And every conversation or activity is steered into how they need romance. Sometimes, if it's a guy, it could be because of how they fear women. And if it's a woman, it could be because of how they always pursue the wrong man.

The one who over-shares

Details of their sexual escapades will be uncensored and every little thing from the smell of the fluids to what kind of sounds were made will be shared. These are the friends who are too comfortable with sharing intimate details about their lives you'd rather not know. And they don't have a problem with being inappropriate no matter the audience.

The one who never refunds you

They never have money. But are never shy to ask for more money. Every time you ask for your cash back they give excuses worse than a pupil who wants to skip school. What’s even more annoying is how they never seem to lack money to buy drinks when you guys go out.


The one who is always trying to sell you something

Every time you meet, there’s a business pitch. They are the ones who try to enrol you in multilevel marketing schemes or trying to get you to join their sacco.

The one who always wants free stuff

They know you have a business. And they think that the friends and family discount should never stop applying to them. They go to you shop and ask for stuff and will never pay for it. They even bring their other friends to get free stuff too.

The one who never listens


Every time you guys are talking, this friend will interrupt you and share their “superior” opinion. “But me I think” and “Me personally I” are their favourite statements.


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