Mums, here's how to prepare your baby for their first photo shoot

Baby photo shoots don't have to be a nightmare

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Taking your baby for their first ever photo shoot can be quite tasky and you need to be well prepared if you want the shoot to turn out amazing.

Some parents decide to have a newborn shoot a few months after the baby is born and others decide to wait till the child is at least one or even two years old. You may be asking why the shoot? Well, it would be great to have a few great photos framed for the house or child's bedroom. A photo shoot will also act as a great memorabilia in future. You could also have a shoot to capture the beauty and innocence of childhood. But, the trick is getting the shoot right. Just how do you get a toddler or newborn to cooperate with a photographer for some stunning shots? Read on:

1. The first thing would be to find a photographer who is not only all rounded but also one who has worked with kids before.

Get referrals from friends and relatives or research online. If you go to the studio, you could ask to see some of his work, to help you make up your mind. At this point, you can also consider if you want a home shoot or studio shoot and find out if the photographer is flexible enough to come to your home. Once that is sorted, your baby is now ready for his/her first shoot.

2. Do ensure that the baby is well fed and has had a nap before the shoot.

If you're dealing with a toddler, the last thing you want is a grumpy baby in the studio as it will be difficult to get them to cooperate. Ensure that the baby is well fed, has had a nap and the diaper is changed - the basics. If you're doing a newborn shoot, the best thing would be to have a shoot when the child is asleep. It's not only beautiful but also easier since all you need to do is lay the baby down or hold it without having to worry too much about the poses and what not.

3. Get inspirations online.

Do you know how you want the photo to look like? If not, there's no harm in borrowing some inspiration from Pinterest for instance. Get a clear idea of the kind of aesthetic you want and share it with your photographer so that they can prepare the studio in advance.

4. Consider using props.

This could be anything to make the photo look great; think outside the box from having an outstanding background to props such as a bubbles and balloons for instance.

5. Carry distractions.

Even when you're a dealing with a good photographer, it's not always easy to keep the baby happy. Therefore, it's essential to carry things that make your baby happy such as noisy toys and such to keep him/her distracted as the photographer tries to take shots.

6. Carry a change of outfits.

Select the outfits based on the theme and the aesthetic you're going for. You don't want your child to end up looking too busy due to the props or background clashing with the child's outfit. It's necessary to carry more outfits in the event your child makes one dirty.

7. Have the photographer try different angles.

Let them get to the baby's height, try using pillows and bean bags, try aerial shots. Play around with different angles till you get at least 5 great shots. Remember a kid gets bored very fast so it's also necessary to be quick before boredom and grumpiness sets in.

8. Be patient.

Don't give up or get angry if the child is not cooperating. You can always bribe them with a snack or candy and try again. If the baby fails to cooperate, remember there's beauty too in capturing those raw moments. Even a shot of your baby crying can turn out great so don't stress too much. Capture as many shots as you can and narrow down to the best.


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