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Disgusting things couples do but will not admit

Admit it, you have done one of these things

Couple farting (Penciledcelebrities)

After you have been dating for a while and the honeymoon phase is long gone, you start getting comfortable around each other and even start doing gross things together.

Not really gross gross but pretty much things you wouldn't do with someone else. But, those small things like comparing whose fart is the smelliest or doing silly dances when naked are the things you remember should you, God forbid, breakup with your partner. You come to realize that indeed, it's the little things that count. When I'm dating, I want my man to be my everything, my whole world; best friend, gossip mate, travel buddy, cuddle partner and my future baby daddy and hubs all at once. And to get to that level, you have to get comfortable around each other. I feel like, sorry to get back to the farts, but, the minute you smell each other's toxic farts, your relationship is pretty much sealed. Here are gross things couples do when they get too comfortable around each other:

1. Farting around each other.

Is it just me or we women have more lethal farts compared to the guys? If you have never farted around your partner or compared fart sounds or talked about farts and had a lengthy discussion on whose farts are smellier, is that even a legit relationship?


2. Sharing a toothbrush.

Don't roll your eyes, you kiss every day, what's the harm in sharing a toothbrush? There are those days you go over to his and have no toothbrush and well, you might as well use his no?

3. Pooping with the toilet door open.

And yes, the smell, the smell is horrible but we still do it, in fact, as we catch up on several things such as work or what we are having for dinner.


4. Wiping vomit.

I can't possibly be the only one who has gotten a little too drunk and had a vomiting spree which was cleaned up by the boo. If you haven't you need to live a little bit.

5. Period sex.

Eh, a very messy affair this one but you should give it a try at least once if you haven't.


6. And speaking of sex,

I think it's kinda gross how sometimes couples have sex without showering. Like we will be from the club, after all the dancing and sweating and someone is just going to start giving you a cunnilingus and exchange body fluids with you. Yikes.

7. Shaving each other.

Removing your own hair is gross enough, let alone shaving your partners butthole but aye we do it for love.


8. Sniffing each other's things.

Bums, armpits, clothes, dirty panties, name it.

9. Morning kisses.

With all the bad morning breath.


10. Sharing towels.

Sometimes you shower together and share the same wash cloth or towel. It's normal. I guess, but you can't help but think whether the part you used to wipe your face was the same part that wiped the butt.

11. Sharing chewing gum or food from mouth to mouth.

Like when you're eating chocolate and transfer it from your mouth to his while kissing.


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