For those that grew up with strict parents, early curfews and tough rules were the order of the day.

Looking back, those times made for amazing memories but back then, it wasn’t so fun.

Here are seven things only people that grew up in the strict lifestyle will understand.

1.When your parents want to talk to you

The simple mention that your folks want to talk to you was enough to send a shiver down your spine – literally.

You start recounting every move you’ve mad that day leading up to that moment you have that talk with your parents.

2.The mini heart attack you get when you sneak out and see anything that resembles your parents'

You know you weren’t supposed to leave the house but you did anyway, then you see a car with the same headlights as your parent’s car and just start planning your funeral in advance.

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3.You always had to rehearse before asking your parents for anything

They required a full program of where you would be at all times and what you’d be doing and with who and don’t forget to tell them how long it would take.

4.Cancelling plans with your friends even before asking your parents because you know they’ll refuse

There were certain requests that you knew would guarantee a maybe answer from your parents otherwise the answer would always be no thus no point in even asking.

5.When you’re right, you are a disrespectful child

Woe unto you if you tried to actually have a sensible argument with your parents. You were never right and when you were, you were either trying to challenge them or being disrespectful.

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6.Your friends never understood

The worst part about growing up with strict parents is the fact that your friends could never relate.

7.You still feel like you’re disrespecting your parents as a full-grown individual

Even after you're grown, you still second guess everything you do because you're scared your parents would disapprove.