5 ways to discipline your kids without yelling

Yelling causes harm to the kid

How to discipline your child without yelling (samaa)

Sometimes your kids can really push you to the corner. You warn them against doing something, but they keep on doing it. While this can be so frustrating, yelling should not be among your options.

Researchers have found that yelling instills fear in children and it makes them feel insecure. Also, yelling has been found to make children more aggressive physically and verbally. The more you yell at your kid, the more damage you are causing them.

So what other discipline options do you have apart from yelling? Here are some of them you can try out:

1. Set the rules clearly

Before you shout and yell at your kid, do they know the rules of the house? Make sure they know the rules and the consequences beforehand. You can also set the rules together and the consequences that will follow if they break the rules. This way, your kid will always bear in mind that there are rules that should never be broken.

2. Rewards for good behavior

Like everyone else, kids love rewards. Instead of just setting the negative consequences, come up with a reward system that will see you reward your kid if they go for a certain period of time without breaking the rules.

3. Give warnings

Try giving your child two or three warnings before executing the punishment. Instead of yelling, remind them what will happen if they repeat the mistake again.

4. Instead of yelling, administer the punishment

If you had already given your kid the last warning and then they misbehave again, follow it up with the consequence immediately. If one of the consequences was to do the dishes or not watching TV for the next 24 hours, make sure it happens.

5. Learn to give ‘a look’

You remember that stern look our parents used to give us and you would know that you are on the wrong? Learn to do that instead of yelling.


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