6 tricks to get a girl to send you nudes

Would you share your nudes?

How to get a woman to send nudes (aeshaonline)

Not every girl will agree to send you their nudes no matter how much they like you or the tricks you use to ask for them. But we also have some who may consider doing it for whatsoever reason. Even so, you have to be very careful when asking for them. You can seem creepy and if you don’t know the best way to go about it, don’t ask for them unless you want to be blocked.

So how do you go about asking a girl to send you her nudes? See, it’s not simple. But with the help of these simple tricks, you can possibly convince her to do it:

1. Don’t ask directly

Do you know what you are asking for? I mean, someone could use your nudes to ruin your reputation. It’s a sensitive thing and you can’t just be like, ‘hey, how about you send me your nudes?’. If you do that, you are not getting them because first, it’s creepy and second, it will make her uncomfortable.

2. Sext often

You can’t just ask a girl you have not been intimate with or talked about intimacy with for nudes. Start slowly by sexting so that she gets comfortable with you. While sexting, she might get turned on and send you her nudes without you having to ask.

3. Shower her with compliments

A girl needs to be reminded of how beautiful she is and that she is also sexually appealing. Show your desire through texts, tell her you wish to be with her and say nice things about her body. This way, you build her confidence making it easier for her to send you the nudes.

4. Show her that you are trustworthy

Before you even ask for her nudes, are you trustworthy? How sure is she that you are not going to use the photos to blackmail her? You will need to show her that you are someone who can be trusted with such a sensitive thing.

5. Don’t send dick pics

Now guys, sending your dick pic to a girl does not mean that she will automatically send you her nudes. It’s actually annoying when you send your nudes without her asking for them.

6. Stop pestering her

If she clearly states that she doesn’t want to send her nude photos, don’t insist. It’s not a thing for everyone. Respect her decision and play cool about it.


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