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Hey guys, this is how you can make your woman squirt

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squirting - how to make your woman squirt

Squirting is real, just in case you thought it’s a myth. So, if you have never squirted, there are women who have been doing it for years. But don’t worry because you can do it too.

The best thing is that you can actually squirt on your own. Anyway, for today, we focus on how a guy can make her woman squirt. And because not so many women have had the experience, we thought that some expert advice from a sex therapist would do. Maurice Matheka is a sex therapist and he didn’t hesitate to share the tips on how to make a woman squirt with his fellow-men when we requested him to.

Like it is with getting an orgasm, Maurice insists that the brain plays a huge role if a woman is to squirt. So, in as much as the guy might be doing everything right, the woman must be willing to let go of her fears. Imagine splashing the fluids all over your guy’s face, oops! See, that’s the kind of thinking that Maurice discourages.


How to make a woman squirt

Now let’s get to the real thing, shall we? Dear beloved brothers, you got some work to do here if you want to experience the thrill of seeing your woman squirting.

Maurice says, “There are certain sexual positions that can make you squirt as long as the penis’ head, and, about 3 inches of the penis are stroking the G-Spot area.”


And even though the dick does a great job in helping your woman squirt, this expert tells us that it’s easier to get the job done using your fingers. Yes, your fingers are that valuable.

Use your fingers to stroke the G-spot

“Fingers can bend, unlike the penis. Some degree of bending is required to stimulate the G-Spot. The man needs to make a hook shape with their two middle fingers and slide them inside the vagina. The G-Spot is located at the upper front wall of the woman about 2 inches inwards. It is behind her pelvic bone. The most effective way of stimulating the nerve endings(G-spot) is by gently but firmly asserting pressure onto the nerves” he says.

When you are looking for the G-spot, you should have in mind that it’s a bumpy or rough area which is about an inch wide. So, this is the area you should be stroking in circular motions or the ‘come here finger’ motion. To make sure you are doing right, ask your woman which motions feels best since the circular motions, for instance, may not work for every woman.


Rhythm is important too

“It is equally important that you maintain a rhythm so that she can concentrate on that spot and her brain will do the rest. Once she feels like peeing then you know you are on the right path. If she feels nothing, check to see if your fingers are indeed inside the right entry point. While you are performing the fingers motion you could try and multitask and stimulate the clitoris with your thumb. Some women respond to simultaneous clitoral and g-spot stimulation, it gets them there faster. You can also suck her clit but be gentle.”

Because squirting uses the same muscles as peeing, Maurice advises that the woman should first empty her bladder. This will avoid any confusion since squirting comes with a feeling of peeing. Also, when a woman feels like she’s about to pee when she is being stimulated, she should tell the guy to go on until she gets there.


If you have never squirted, now you got the tips. It’s up to you to give it a try.


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