Telltale signs you are a perfectionist

Perfectionists suck!


Even when you think that you have done your best, they will still look for something to disapprove you.

It’s like when you have 99% in your exams but your strict father insists it’s not good because you missed the 1%. Really now? Anyway, sometimes we just have to deal with them as they are.

But wait, what if you are a perfectionist yourself? Mhm, let’s see. If you have the traits listed below, you most likely are a perfectionist:

1. You criticize everything and everyone

This is the first red flag to watch out. Do you always find yourself criticizing how people talk, how they dress even events that everyone thinks were good? You must be the problem in this case because you most likely are a perfectionist.

2. You fear failure

Unless a perfectionist is 101% sure that something will work, they will not try it. They want everything they do to be perfect and because they do not want to be associated with failure, they procrastinate projects to eternity.

3. You beat yourself over a small mistake

Perfectionists have very high standards and goals. And if they by chance miss reaching the goals, they will be dying with guilt and feeling inadequate.

4. Expect perfection

And they are not just perfect but they expect others to be perfect as well.

5. You think and see things in extremes

Something is either great or terrible. Perfectionists have no room for better and they think in the line of ‘all’ or ‘nothing’. Instead of saying that someone ‘can be meat sometimes’, they will just say that the ‘person is mean’.

6. You struggle to complete projects

They always feel like there is more that should be done even after doing what was needed of them.

7. You find it hard to delegate

Because they are obsessed with perfection, they don’t trust others to deliver perfect results.


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