7 little but important things you notice when you kiss a new person

A kiss can tell you a lot about a person

Yup, locking lips with a crush can tell you a shit load about this person. If the person cannot kiss properly, then you sure as hell know that he will probably be terrible in bed. Surely, if he cannot get a simple thing like kissing right, will sex be any easier? Have you ever kissed someone and just felt a different vibe? Like it just wasn't working? Happens to the best of us. In fact, here are things you get to know about someone from the first kiss.

1. If they are a good kisser or not.

We already talked about how you can ensure that you're not a sloppy kisser. If your kisses involve a lot of sounds, teeth, saliva and such, then you should probably teach yourself how to kiss.

2. If they have good oral hygiene or not.

Before you kiss someone, you will definitely smell their breath and tell if their mouth stinks or not which, if it does, then you have no business collecting germs from them.

3. Their height.

Sometimes, you never really know how tall or short someone is till you kiss them. If they're really tall, you may have to tip toe or he may have to lift you. Alternatively, the taller person could slouch, to accommodate the shorter person's height.

4. You will know if they are good in bed or not.

Again, a bad kiss is almost always an indicator that the sex will be equally bad so you might as well leave it at that.

5. If you're compatible or not.

A good kiss will be seamless. You will feel each other's bodies, your breaths will be in sync, you will both have your eyes closed and you will get turned on.

6. You will feel the 'junk in his trunk' and know prior to what you're dealing with.

If you're adventurous, then when you kiss, you probably leave your hands to explore other body parts and if you're curious enough, you will get to know what you're dealing with if you know what I mean. It doesn't hurt to let your fingers do the walking.

7. If the person is confident.

A person who is confident will not shy off from kissing you.


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