5 reasons why it’s easy for people to take you for granted

It's not them it might be you.

It may be a family member, a friend or even a colleague; they just can’t seem to appreciate you for who you are.

Here are five possible reasons why it would be easy for someone to take advantage of you.

1.You aren’t confrontational

The fact that you are not confrontational can make it easy for someone to take advantage of you. They know you can never say something back at them so they say or do whatever they want to you.

2.You are a yes person

Even if it makes you uncomfortable, you still say yes because you never want to disappoint your loved one.

If you don’t want to do it then don’t. Otherwise, you’re just creating a habit that will be bad to break in future.

3.You are indecisive

Being indecisive about almost everything in your life gives someone else the power to make the decisions for you. They end up executing what they want and your stuck doing what they want instead of following what your heart truly desires.

Maybe you feel like their decisions are better than yours but that shouldn’t always be the case. The decisions you make for yourself are the best for you.

4.Making an undeserving person too important to you

When you give an undeserving person unnecessary attention and show them they mean the world to you, you can bet they are going to take you for granted. You end up being their puppy dog that they can command whenever they feel like.

5.You seek approval even when you don’t need to

You want someone to like you so much and want to get a positive nod from them so much even when you don’t need to.

A malicious person will sense your weakness and thrive off it if your not careful to spot their intentions early on.


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