Looking for a cute and unique name for your baby?

Well, even if you are not a religious person, or a Christian for that matter, we bet you are going to love these unique names from the Bible.

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Here is the list:

1. Talitha – female name meaning ‘little girl’

2. Adriel – follower of God

3. Asriel – God’s support

4. Amaris – given by God

5. Jael – originates from a heroic woman in the book of Judges

6. Jaala – means ascending

7. Uri – means ‘my light’ in Hebrew

8. Carmi – male name meaning ‘lamb of waters’

9. Alvah – boy name

10. Tamar(a) – female name associated to wealth and beauty

11. Dinah – female name meaning justified

12. Athaliah – means God is great

13. Huldah – female name

14. Zemira – a boy name in the Bible meaning ‘song’ although commonly used as a girl name

15. Atarah – cute baby girl name meaning ‘the crown’

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16. Joanna – means ‘gift from the Lord’

17. Myra – classic yet trendy name meaning ‘to flow’

18. Zina – means ‘shining’ in Greek

19. Jason – ‘one who cures’

20. Ethan – quite a cute name for your son meaning ‘strong’

21. Shem – means ‘renowned’

22. Bela – a male name in the Bible but still perfect for a girl

23. Abilene – a female name named after a place called Abilene in the book of Luke

24. Adaliah – boy name in the Bible but used for girls today

25. Hadassah – means ‘joy’

26. Ruby – ‘the red gemstone’

27. Eldad – male name meaning ‘God has loved’

28. Noelle - perfect for December babies meaning 'Christmas'

29. Natalia - means 'Christ's birthday' or 'gift from God'. It's great for December girls.

We wish you all the best as you choose the best name for your bundle of joy.

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