4 key things to consider before staying with a cheating partner

If your decision is to get back with them there are some things you should be okay with.

Making amends seems to be going well and you’re at the point of forgiving them and even considering taking them back.

1.Can you trust them again?

Trust between the two of you broke the minute you found out that your partner cheated on you. It will take time to rebuild that trust again and you have to be okay and patient enough to do that.

2.Are you okay with the fact that it might happen again?

They say once a cheater always a cheater. This is not to say that it is definite your s/o will cheat but you do have to put the thought into consideration.

3.What was the reason behind them cheating?

Did they cheat just for sex or there was an emotional connection with the person they cheated with?

4.Will you be able to live with your decision if you decide to stay with them?

Staying with someone that cheated on you is a huge decision to make so you have to be okay with the fact that that is your final decision and that you are not willing to go back.


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