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Many married couples can’t have children because of this reason

Many people can’t conceive because the body identifies sperm as an enemy and rejects it.

Many married couple can't have children because of this reason [shuttershock]

As the name implies, anti-sperm antibodies are immune system-produced proteins that wrongly view sperm as foreign intruders. Men and women can experience this; however, the reasons and effects are different.

Men can develop anti-sperm antibodies due to infections in the reproductive system, injuries to the testicles, or even after certain surgeries like vasectomies. When sperm comes into contact with blood due to these conditions, the immune system can misinterpret it as a threat leading to antibody production.


For women, anti-sperm antibodies are less common, and the reasons remain a mystery. Some theories suggest allergic reactions to semen or even autoimmune issues could be at play. These antibodies, typically found in the cervical mucus or vagina, can attack and immobilise sperm, hindering their journey towards fertilisation.

Anti-sperm antibodies can indeed present challenges to conception and cause infertility, but these challenges can be easily overcome. Fertility treatments like intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilisation (IVF) can bypass the antibody barrier.


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